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Warmly welcome at the

„Alpenhotel Ratsberg“!

Our kitchen is a traditional and creative pleasure,
and lie us particularly with the heart.
We hope You feel fine in our house
and wish You a good appetite.

Yours Stauder family and staff

info@alpenhotel-ratsberg.com - Tel.: +39 0474 972213


Tyrolean sausages Ratsberg style
€ 12,50

Native cheese with butter (G)
€ 12,50

Farmers bacon with horseradish
€ 12,50

Deer-Carpaccio on rocket
with olive oil, balsamico vinegar,
parmesan and marinated fennel (G)
€ 14,00

Homemade marinated salmon

with fresh salad, chervil dressing and bread (A-D-G)
€ 14,00


Soup with bacon dumplings (20 min.)
€ 8,50

Barley soup farmers style with “Tirtl” (A-C-G-L)
€ 8,50

Cream of grey-cheese soup
with croutons and herbs oil (A-G)
€ 8,50

First dishes

Schlutzkrapfen“ (homemade large ravioli)
filled with spinach and cottage cheese,
with brown butter and parmesan (A-C-G)

€ 12,00

Pressed cheese dumplings, homemade
on with rye bread marinated “Krautsalat”
with brown butter (20 min.) (A-C-G)
€ 12,00

“Lagrein“ Fettuccine (wine-pasta), homemade
with game ragout (A-C-L)
€ 13,00

Crunchy rye bread pasta, homemade
with sausage ragout, onions and paprika julienne
and cheese flakes (A-C-G)
€ 12,50

Dumplings, homemade
filled with cheesesauce with a sauce of cherry tomatoes,
rocket and cheese flakes (A-C-G)
€ 13,00

Main dishes

Beef goulash
with bacon dumplings, marinated “Kraut”
and fried onion rings (20 min.) (A-C-G)
€ 20,00

Grilled meal on a skew
with grilled vegetables and potatoes (A)
€ 23,00

Fillet of local deer
with red cabbage, fried cranberry pear and
“Rösti-sticks” with juniper sauce (A-C-G)
€ 32,00

Grilled sirloin steak
with vegetables, potatoes and sauce Remoulade
ca. 250 gr (A-C-G)
€ 26,00

Fillet of beef
with green pepper sauce, vegetables
and potatoes ca. 250 gr (A-G)
€ 33,00

Grilled cheese and vegetables (G)
€ 17,50

The house plates

We serve our house plates for 2 or for 3 persons

Plate „Ratsberg“
garnished with: Wiener schnitzel, frankfurter, grilled meal,
smoked meat with Sauerkraut, beef goulash with bacon dumplings,
grilled vegetables, fruit skewer, French fries (A-C-G)

for 2 persons € 56,00
for 3 persons € 84,00

Plate “Grilled latern”
garnished with: grilled meal, frankfurter, different sauces,
grilled vegetables, French fries (A-C-G-M)

for 2 persons € 56,00
for 3 persons € 84,00

For children

Plate Obelix
Wiener schnitzel, frankfurter and french fries (A-C-G)
€ 9,00

Plate Idefix
Frankfurters with french fries (A)
€ 7,50

Plate Tom & Jerry
Pasta with ragout or tomato sauce or butter (A-G)
€ 6,00


Apple strudel, homemade / with warm vanilla sauce (A-C-G)
€ 5,00 / € 6,00

Buckwheat cake, homemade

with cranberry jam (A-C-G-H)
€ 5,00

Linzer tart, homemade

with cranberries (A-C-G-H)
€ 5,00

Coffee Parfait, homemade
with chocolate cream
and crumbled Amarettini bisquits (A-C-G-H)
€ 8,50

Puff pastry patties
with mascarpone cream and fresh fruits (A-C-G)
€ 8,50

Coffee (Espresso) with vanilla ice cream (C-G)
€ 3,00

Bombardino ice-cream, homemade
with chocolate flakes and
cherries sauce, garnished (A-C-G)
€ 8,00

Vanilla ice-cream with hot wildberries (A-C-G)
€ 5,80

Homemade sherbet (A)
€ 8,00

(raisin omelette cut up into pieces)
with cranberry jam (A-C-G)
€ 12,00

We wish You

a good appetite!

We use fresh foodstuffs of first-class quality.
Only in case of need deep-frozen products can be used.

Indication of provenance of meat, dairy products and eggs.
We always try to use local ingredients. If necessary, ingredients from the EU and non-EU are used.